Welcome to Juntos.com.vc, service offered by the Associação Juntos com Você CNPJ 15539377/0001-90.

The access to the content of website http://www.juntos.com.vc ("WEBSITE") will depend on your full agreement with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ("TERMS OF USE") provided here, thus your reading and subsequent acceptance are indispensable.
The TERMS OF USE aims to establish the rights and obligations to donos, entities ou participating social entrepreneurs as well as developers partners, and to clarify the treatment given to data and information provided by those who register for access to any area of the WEBSITE, according to the rules and information provided below:

I. WHAT IS Juntos.com.vc

Juntos.com.vc is a "crowdfunding" platform, in other words, a WEBSITE that provides the collaborative effort to finance social projects of charities or social entrepreneurs ("ENTITIES"). An innovative and practical way to facilitate social projects with the collaboration of many people.
The WEBSITE allows ENTITIES to present projects and raise funds through donations made by participant donors ("PARTICIPANTS") through the WEBSITE.
Juntos.com.vc does not charge any commission of any PARTICIPANT on donations made except the fees for the system used to carry out the transactions for donations, according to the predictions contained in this TERMS OF USE.
Although there is no charge of any commission, Juntos.com.vc is a non-profit association, which also depends on third-party funds in order to maintain the platform. Thus, the user who donates to any project registered in the WEBSITE will also have the option to donate to Juntos.com.vc, and therefore, contribute even more to the platform’s sustainability.


Juntos.com.vc also supports other channels for projects’ fundraising , by sharing its platform, user registration and other features with which the user already agrees.
However, it is the sole responsibility of each partner channel to manage its activities, including but not limited to, the curator of the candidate projects, the control of amounts received, and platform usage rules for their projects.


1. Any person over 18 years old can donate or disclose their project at the WEBSITE, being expressly prohibited the participation of anyone under 18 years old, even with the prior authorization of parents or guardians. If any irregularities occur, the SITE may cancel the registration of this person and any subsequent donations or actions taken in WEBSITE.
2. Furthermore, the PARTICIPANT is solely responsible for the security and control of his/her account (username and password), which is personal and not transferable.
3. The PARTICIPANT agrees to keep his/her data up to date at the WEBSITE and is responsible for the veracity of the disposed information.
4. Any and all content uploaded by users are solely the user's own responsibility and there is no joint liability, subsidiary or any title by WEBSITE. Thus, the WEBSITE shall not be liable for any damages of any kind, due to inappropriate content, offensive or that violate rights under Brazilian law
5. If there is any suspicion of misuse or unauthorized use of your account, you must immediately notify the WEBSITE by e-mail: contato@juntos.com.vc


1. The non-profit entity or social entrepreneurs that have the interest in applying their project at the platform /WEBSITE, should apply the respective project, through its legal representative, by clicking on "Submit your project" at the WEBSITE and providing the following information:
a - Entity name, address, telephone number, CNPJ and documentation supporting your situation as nonprofit and/or social enterprise;
b - Name, ID and CPF of the responsible for the project to be proposed and/or social entrepreneurs;
c - Name, ID and CPF of the legal representative of the social entity or company, the project proponent;
d – Description of the project you want to develop, which must necessarily be lawful;
e - Intended value for project financing;
f – Period in which you wish to get the total amount allocated to finance the project, considering a minimum period of 15 (fifteen) days and a maximum of ninety (90) days;
g – Indicate any acknowledgement of donors that help funding the project, in other words, bonuses that you can give your funder/donor, being your sole responsibility, discretion and burden the forms and conditions that you will eventually offer this reward;
h - Read the full text and accept this TERMS OF USE;
i - Create an account called "Business Account/Professional", at MoIP (https://site.moip.com.br/) or at Paypal (https://www.paypal.com/) as indicated in Section VI below.
1.1 If the entity indicates any form of reward to its donors, it will be wholly and directly responsible for compliance with gratification to donors, without any liability, direct or indirect, by the WEBSITE.
1.2 The ENTITY shall provide donation receipt to the donor statement on income tax, if so indicated.
2. Each ENTITY can register more than one project per Tax ID and/or CPF, the lateste in case of social entrepreneur.


1. During the project’s registration by the ENTITY for its selection, the ENTITY must create an account called "Business Account/Professional" at MoIP (https://site.moip.com.br/) or Paypal ( https://www.paypal.com/), systems that process all financial transactions of the WEBSITE, or other system that may be indicated by Juntos.com.vc.
1.1 The WEBSITE does not charge any commission from any PARTICIPANT or ENTITY ondonations made, except MoIP fees (payment system) that charges the following commission for the successful projects: BRL $ 0.39 + 2.49% on cash payments (MoIP, online debit and bank slip), or R $ 0.39 + 4.29% on payments made by credit card or by Paypal 5% fixed regardless of the form of payment. These percentages may change from time to time in accordance with the rules of MoIP/Paypal. For any clarification see the terms of use of MoIP/Paypal.
2. It is possible to receive the resources in advance two days after finishing the campaign, paying an extra fare of 3% over the net value to be send.
2.1. The campaign proponent interested in receiving the amount in advance should ask Juntos.com.vc team

VII. Monitoring projects approved by the website:

1. After executing the project with the money raised at the website, the entity must send to the website material showing the project development such as texts, photos and videos. These updates are very important to give information to the donors about how the money have been used. If you don't send this material after 10 business days that the project is concluded and/or after the website request it, the "CNPJ" (National Register of Legal Entities) of the entity will be blocked by the website for future participation.
2. The website doesn't take responsability for the content generated by the entities. Even though, Juntos.com.vc will check the authenticity of the information provided by the entities as well as their projects and have the right to withdraw from the website any project published by its own criteria and without any penalty.
3. The website only offer its structure to promote the projects and does not participate of the projects conception, implementation and realization. Therefore, the website does not ensure the projects will be executed, neither that the recognitions will be honored exempting itself from any kind of responsability related. The entities that created the projects as well as the donors expressly agree they should solve any problem that eventually appear directly between themselves.


1. Donor is the PARTICIPANT interested in financing projects of one or more entities, through financial contributions linked to one or more project(s) given through the WEBSITE Juntos.com.vc.
2. The donor must notice the following steps and obligations:
a) Register at the WEBSITE provinding your full name, CPF/Tax ID, e-mail, full address and landline telefone number;
b) Read this full text and accept this TERMS OF USE;
c) Choose the project that likes the most and wants to support;
d) Elect the amount you wish to donate to the project, should also be noted, at the time of donation, if you confirm the previously chosen option for donation to the WEBSITE itself and/or specific campaigns;
e) Choose, if you want, what reward you wish to receive directly from the entity responsible for the project, under the conditions established by the entity for the selected project;
f) Fill in your information and select the form of donation you want to accomplish, having in mind that this step will be managed by MoIP/Paypal, online payment companies (see terms of use MoIP / Paypal);
g) The amount donated will go to an interim account at the WBSITE and will be blocked until the ENTITY’s chosen projet reaches or exceeds the value of goal raised for that project, after which the donation will be transferred to the account of ENTITY, according to the rules established by the management company of these accounts.
2.1 – The WEBSITE emphasizes that the bonuses/rewards offered by ENTITIES to donors of their projects are direct responsibility of the entity that is the beneficiary of this donation, being the donor aware that there is no responsibility, directly or indirectly, by the WEBSITE Juntos.com .vc about it.
2.2. The donor PARTICIPANTS recognize that their names, trade mark or trade name and imagem will be posted on the project page to which they contributed at the WEBSITE, except when opting for anonymous collaboration.
2.3 The amount raised for a project by the WEBSITE Juntos.com.vc is only transferred to the ENTITY and reward offered will only be given to donors if the funding reaches or exceeds the financial goal declared by ENTITY within the preset deadline at the project registration time. If it does not, the entity will not receive any amount regarding that project, the rewards will not be delivered and the donor receives back the amount of his/her donation through MoIP/Paypal or another agency that the WEBSITE possibly indicates.
2.4 In addition to all public information at the WEBSITE, when a project reaches its goal, the organization responsible for the project will be informed of the names and emails of all donors who have accepted any rewards, in order to set its delivery.
2.5 The PARTICIPANT is hereby aware that if he/she wants to receive any gratification from the ENTITY, the WEBSITE will provide his/her information to this ENTITY, so that it can gratify it.


1. We send to the PARTICIPANT e-mails related to their personal transactions and ads related to Juntos.com.vc and/or other services, but only do it when authorized.
1.1 All registration information of PARTICIPANTS sent to the WEBSITE and/or WEBSITE’s partners using the same platform will be kept under our control, and only forwarded to ENTITIES when authorized by the PARTICIPANT. However, the PARTICIPANT is hereby aware that if he/she wants to receive any reward from the ENTITY that receives his/her donation, the WEBSITE will provide his/her information to this ENTITY, so that it can gratify it.
2. The Participant is aware that whenever founded any evidence of illegal act, and requested, by anyone interested, information on the ownership of a user record at the PORTAL, will be lawful for the WEBSITE to provide the registration information of the PARTICIPANT in its sole discretion, not constituting any breach of confidentiality.
2.1. For the purposes and effects of what has been provided in the preceding paragraph, the PARTICIPANT agrees and expressly declares that the provision of their mere registration information to third parties does not constitute a breach of their privacy, private life, honor and/or image, due to the nature of these data.
2.2. For the purposes and effects of what has been provided previously, the PARTICIPANT agrees and expressly declares that by the nature of the information provided to the WEBSITE, these do not constitute correspondence, telegraphic communication, data, or telephone communications.
3. We reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights.
4. Although the WEBSITE Juntos.com.vc uses its best efforts to protect the PARTICIPANT’s information, considering the characteristics of computer systems, and the steady advance of hacking techniques, the WEBSITE DOES NOT WARRANT THE ABSOLUTE SECURITY OF ITS SYSTEMS, AND ALSO DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR THIRD PARTY ACTIONS THAT, EVENTUALLY, SUCCEED IN COLLECTING OR USING, FOR ANY MEANS, DATA AND/OR INFORMATION PROVIDED BY PARTICIPANT. Nevertheless, should it be detected any invasion, Juntos.com.vc will indicate to all its members the possible danger, in a way that is more suitable.


At the WEBSITE it is possible that the PARTICIPANT finds links and shortcuts that will direct he/she to third party websites. The PARTICIPANT acknowledges that the WEBSITE has no control or interference on these third party websites, because they do not have any connection to Juntos.com.vc website, which is not aware of the policies and privacy regulations of these websites, which can be constantly changed, making it unfeasible to prior verification by Juntos.com.vc website. Thus, it is PARTICIPANT's obligation to check the terms concerning the privacy of these third party sites, for which there are links and shortcuts available in Juntos.com.vc website when the participant accesses them. Under this clause, Juntos.com.vc website is exempt from any liability arising from violations of PARTICIPANT’s privacy by sites that eventually have links at Juntos.com.vc website.


The WEBSITE Juntos.com.vc was developed to ensure that online privacy is respected and that the PARTICIPANTS’ personal information are properly secured, being this policy necessary to demonstrate this commitment and transparency of the website as Juntos.com.vc  regarding this important matter.
Juntos.com.vc respects the constitutional right to privacy, intimacy and informational self-determination. Hereafter, learn the steps we take to protect theusers and visitors may share with us, as well as the way these information will be used and with whom it may be shared:
The website Juntos.com.vc was developed in order to provide a platform to raise funds exclusively for social projects that cause positive impact on society. By filling out our registration, you may find that some information is mandatory and others, although optional, are also important so that Juntos.com.vc can offer even more facilities. We can give you a better response when we know more about you. If possible, fill in all the items of the form. We emphasize that no cadastral information is collected without your consent.
When you use the Juntos.com.vc, we care to allow you to have access to your personal information, including to proceed with the necessary update adjustments and even the exclusion of information that has been shared with us. Always try to keep your records updated. If you find any mistake, we can correct it after we receive your report about it. We only share your information available in our records after your prior consent, except in cases provided for by the above TERMS OF USE. Your personal information may be shared with Juntos.com.vc strategic partners, such as partners responsible for financial transactions, from whom we demand respect for our specific guidelines, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. We always seek to employ the best efforts to achieve the appropriate confidentiality and security in the processing of this information.
Your password to have access to the features and facilities offered by Juntos.com.vc is personal and not transferable, such as you signature. With it, you will have privacy and security in your access. Do not disclose your password to any third party under any circumstances. You are responsible for all acts that are performed with the use of your login (username) and personal password, which includes liability for damages as a result of misuse by third parties. If for any reason you suspect that someone might know your password, you should change it immediately. In this context, here are some important guidelines:
a) always create secure passwords, unrelated to information that can be easily guessed, such as birthdays, marriage, personal documents, phone numbers and repetitive or sequential numbers, etc .;
b) prefer a combination of letters and numbers to create your password;
c) change your passwords regularly;
d) avoid letting them wrote down. It is safer to memorize them.
We seek to adopt best practices in data security to try to protect our systems and servers from unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or deletion of data. All our procedures for information collection, storage and share previously authorized are constantly checked and analyzed, as well as submitted to security checks on traffic information throught electronic media. Although Juntos.com.vc uses their best efforts (considering the vulnerability of computer systems and the steady advance of invasions technology) there is no way to take responsibility for acts of third parties who, by any means, succeed to collect or use registration data and information provided by users on our websites, information systems and data processing.
Juntos.com.vc may be required by legal demand, court order, public authorities’ determination within and outside Brazil, to disclose your personal information in special cases and proedicted by law. We may also disclose your information in case of sale or merger of Juntos.com.vc and may submit them to different privacy policy. However, if the purpose of the data is different from the original, you will be informed and your consent to the processing of data will be required.
Juntos.com.vc may use your electronic address (e-mail) to send correspondence, promotionaland institutional materials. Sending e-mails by Juntos.com.vc and/or its strategic partners must be previously authorized by you at registration or at your data update.
The PARTICIPANT understands and authorizes Juntos.com.vc website to use technical devices known as "cookies", or similar, to access information about the user account in order to provide better and more personalized services.
The PARTICIPANT acknowledges that it is possible to configure your browser settings to be warned on the computer screen, about the receiving of "cookies" and to prevent their installation on the hard disk. Relevant information about this configuration are available in manuals and instructions of the browser.
To use Juntos.com.vc website services it is not necessary that the PARTICIPANT allows the reception of "cookies" sent by Juntos.com.vc, notwithstanding that, in such a case, the PARTICIPANT needs to register each time he/she accesses an area that requires prior identification.
Whenever the option that prevents the installation of "cookies" is not active, the PARTICIPANT can search the hard drive of his/her computer as instructed by the browser itself, and manually remove any "cookies".
Juntos.com.vc website may contain hyperlinks or frames from other sites, which may or may not be our strategic partners. These links and frames are available in order to, merely, provide another benefit to our users. It is importante to highlight that the inclusion of such links and frames does not mean that Juntos.com.vc has full knowledge, agreement, or responsibility for them or for their respective content. Therefore, Juntos.com.vc cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered due to the use of these links or frames.
The website Juntos.com.vc seeks to keep all its websites and hyperlinks with up to date and accurate information, however, it is not possible to guarantee that all data conveyed are published on our web sites at the exact time of the update of the core files on our servers and information systems and data processing.
Juntos.com.vc is also not responsible for the content and direction for various third-party services available for interaction with these media, even through hyperlinks originated from Juntos.com.vc website and promotional and/or institutional publicity e-mails (electronic messages).
The website Juntos.com.vc also has no responsibility for the content posted by its users (or not) with the use of the features offered by our site, notably: reviews, photos, videos, texts and similar features - and neither has a way to guarantee that these features will be updated, correct and able to meet the expectations of users of our websites and recipients of our email messages.
The WEBSITE Juntos.com.vc suggests some guidelines for improving the safety and the privacy of its users on the Internet:
a) Always use an updated and quality antivirus software and – that allows to check the files of all the devices you connect in your computer (CD, pendrive (flashmemory), etc.) - and files that you download or upload via the Internet.
b) Always use original and updated computer programs (software). Pay special attention and care when accessing thewebsite Juntos.com.vc through links contained in e-mails. Make sure that the hyperlink is actually pointing to the correct address (URL) of our website (http://www.juntos.com.vc).
c) Be aware of spam e-mails (unsolicited electronic messages). These e-mails apparently come from a trusted source or a friend, but in fact it might be developed in order to induce you to download a virus or to directed you to a fraudulent website and disclose confidential information.
d) Do not answer to e-mails that request personal information. Suspect of any e-mail from companies or individuals who ask you passwords, ID numbers or other highly sensitive information.
e) Seek to open only e-mails from known sources. Be especially careful when opening e-mails with attachments and unknown mailer. Even friends can accidentally send you an e-mail containing viruses or malware.


Should you have any questions, Juntos.com.vc is available to receive and answer to your comments and questions through the help channel available at www.juntos.com.vc website. You can contact us by e-mail: contato@juntos.com.vc. We will be happy to help you clarify any doubts.